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Summer/Winter/Spring Programs

If you are looking for a shorter program that takes place during the summer or winter, then attending a Summer or Winter Study Abroad Program is the perfect fit for you! Summer Programs take place during the Summer A or Summer B Terms, and they typically last between 2 to 5 weeks. Winter programs take place during December-January winter break. These programs have both domestic and international destinations, and they are taught in English by Embry-Riddle (ERAU) Faculty. Summer and Winter Programs allow students to experience a Study Program Program without spending a complete Fall or Spring Semester away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits hours can I take during the program?
Depending on the program, students are able to take 3 to 9 credit hours.

Can I apply my Financial Aid towards the program?
Yes, Financial Aid can be applied towards the cost of the program and tuition. Daytona and Prescott campus students please review this
SFS Info Sheet on Fin Aid for Summer and contact ERNIE Central or your Financial Aid Office for complete details.

Will the course use a Pass/Not Pass grading system?
Yes, most programs are Pass/Not Pass but be sure to check with the individual program to see how you will be graded.

Are field trips included?
Field trips that are part of the program are included in the program fee.

Will I have time to travel on my own?
Some programs integrate 3-day weekends into the schedule to allow students to travel on the weekends. Not every program will have 3-day weekends, so be sure to check the schedule of the program you are interested in attending.

Do I register myself for the class(es) I will be taking while abroad?
No, the Office of Global Engagement (OGE) will register you for any classes you plan to take during the Summer or Winter term.

Does it matter if I am a Daytona student applying for a Prescott or Worldwide program?
Does it matter if I am a Prescott student applying for a Daytona or Worldwide program?
Does it matter if I am a Worldwide student applying for a Daytona or Prescott program?

No, you may apply for any program you see. Check with your advisor to make sure you need the course(s) and that they will apply to your degree program. 

What are the General Requirements a participant must meet?

  • At least sophomore standing (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis). Freshman are eligible to go on their first Study Abroad or Study America program the 1st summer after they complete their freshman year.
  • At least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average (cGPA).
  • Must have a current passport that will still be valid 6 months after the return from your program.
  • If needed, students are responsible for obtaining the required Visa by the program departure date.
  • $100 Application Fee (non-refundable unless program is cancelled by the OGE).
  • $400 deposit (not refundable after program cancellation date).
  • Application & Deposits
    PLEASE NOTE: The application and cancellation deadlines are the SAME day!

    Application: Search and find a program you would like to attend during the summer or winter. Visit the brochure page, and click the 'Apply Now' button to complete the application. Every summer or winter program brochure page will have an 'Apply Now' button since all  applications are handled online. Along with submitting the application, you MUST pay a $100 application fee to complete the application. This application fee is non-refundable (unless canceled by the OGE), and the link to submit this payment is found on the application. If you are attending more than one Summer Study Abroad Program, you will only need to pay one $100 application fee.  If you are attending more than one Summer Study Abroad Program, please email and advise them of the two programs you are attending, so the staff knows to waive the second application fee.

    Deposit: There is also a $400 program fee deposit that MUST be paid to complete the online application. The $400 will be deducted from the overall program fee when billed to your student account.

  • Summer A Termlast Monday in February (unless noted differently on the program brochure)
    • The deadline to apply and cancel from the program are the SAME DAY. 
  • Summer B Termfirst Monday in March (unless noted differently on the program brochure)​.
    • The deadline to apply and cancel from the program are the SAME DAY. 
  • Winter Break: check individual program brochure for deadlines.​​
    • The deadline to apply and cancel from the program are the SAME DAY.

Cancellation Policy: If you decide to cancel your participation in any program, you MUST submit a Study Abroad Cancellation Form 2_3_2022. Be aware that if you cancel after the program deadline, you will be charged and held responsible for a cancellation fee of at least $500 or more - up to the full program fee, depending on the costs incurred on your behalf. Remember, the last date to apply or to cancel is the same day.

Suggestion: The OGE strongly advises program participants to purchase fully-refundable airline tickets and/or trip cancellation insurance after they are committed to a program to safeguard against losses or penalties related to airfare should a program be cancelled, dates changed, or unforeseen circumstances cause the student to withdraw from the program. The OGE assumes no responsibility for any losses or penalties.

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