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ERAU Singapore Students Only


Singapore Based Students Study in America - Details and application coming soon!

Please contact your advisor to let them know you are interested in studying at a residential campus in America for a semester. When you discuss the opportunity with your advisor, be sure to state at which campus you would like to study: Daytona Beach, Florida or Prescott, Arizona.

America Based Students Study in Singapore - Details and application coming soon!
  • Daytona Beach Students: Depending on the college your degree program falls under, Daytona Beach Students are able to Study Abroad at the Singapore Campus during a spring semester of a specific academic year. Each program has the possibility of providing an internship or job shadow at the end of the program that will cross into the summer months. These summer opportunities will end in time to ensure the student is back in time for the following Fall Semester. Please see below for the specific time you are able to study in Singapore.
    • College of Business: Spring of Junior Year
    • College of Aviation: Spring of Sophomore Year
      • Only Aeronautical Science, Aeronautics, and UAS majors and minors are able to participate in this program.
  • Prescott Students: Coming Soon!